ARF43 - ARF43

The ARF43 enables two-way half duplex wireless data transmission over a range of 1000m

It integrates a multi-channel radio transceiver, a digital processing unit and a wide power supply range on the same board.

It is available as an IP65 enclosure ready for approved use with integrated or remote antenna.

This modem uses the 863/870MHz (Europe) band according to the European directive RTTE EN300-220/EN 301-489.

Data transfer is performed via an RS232/RD485 serial port USB interface.

Configuration is preformed by AT commands.

It can be used WITHOUT A LICENSE and covers most "middle distance" wireless data transmission applications, from remote meter reading type point transmission to constitution of cordless multi-point local networks, in sectors of activity such as automation, robotics and remote management... and more generally all types of applications requiring middle range or in a particular disturbed environment.

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Programmables frequencies 863 to 870MHz
Radiated RF power 50mW (+17dBm)
Sensitivity -105dBm
Number of channels 14 (WB - 70 (NB)
RSSI Available through AT commands
Modulation FSK
Radio data rate 57600 bits/s
Embedded Protocols ADEUNIS RF enhanced & versatile RF comms manager
Embedded Profiles Multimode modem

Modem interface
Serial link rate 0.6 to 115.2kbps
Serial ports RS232 (TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS) or RS485
Self-powered USB 'virtual port COM'
Flow control None or RTS/CTS
Configuration Through AT commands
Modes Transparent or addressed, full custom firmware on demand

General information
Supply Voltage 4.5 to 36V
Consumption 60mA in transmission / 30mA in reception (under 8V)
Operating temperature -30 / +70°C
Range 1000m on open field
Size 145 x 100 x 40mm + 170mm antenna
Packaging IP65 box
Standard compliance EN300-220 / EN301-489 (full certified modem)