D350 - D350

The me-d350 range of 5W UHF and VHF modems provide global solutions opening up a world of opportunity to your voice or data application or M2M service.

Designed to be small and compact the me-d350 range offers great flexibility wherever wireless data or voice communication is needed.

The modems are:

  • Environmentally tested to resist water and dust ingress
  • US FCC approved / Canadian compliant
  • Designed and tested to international vehicle standards
  • Low current consumption with controllable sleep command
  • Low maintenance with full service support

The me-d350 is ideal for wireless applications requiring simplicity and low cost e.g. M2M interrogation, simple remote switching, alarm signaling and gate entry systems. The med350 and makes an ideal primary or fallback bearer for you communication needs.

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Performance Specifications USA:
CC Part 90
RSS 119
E11 024663 Vehicle Ceritified

Frequency range: d350 VHF: 146 - 174 MHz

  d350 UHF: 400 - 440 MHz
  d350 UHF: 440 - 480 MHz
  Full switching bandwidth

Number of channels: 16 channels, dip switch or serial command selectable

Channel spacing: 12.5kHz, 20kHz or 25kHz all programmable

Operation: Half Duplex

PLL step: 5.0 / 6.25kHz

Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm
Antenna connector: BNC (female), GPS Antenna SMA
Weight: 260g
Mounting: By four M3.5 holes
Interfaces: 15 pin d-type (female)


Power supply: 12V dc nominal (+9V to +18V dc acceptable)

Current consumption: 1.5A @ 5W, 0.5A @ 1W
7mA Enhanced power save mode (sleep)


RF output power: 1W - 5W programmable (low/high default)

Audio sensitivity (voice): 6 - 8mV rms @ 60% peak deviation

Data inputs: 100 - 120 mV rms (external modulation)
TTL (POCSAG) levels
350mV rms (unfi ltered external modulation)
RS232 levels (with GMSK or FFSK modem fi tted)

Modulation: Direct FM (FSK) / PM (voice)
F3E / G3E
FFSK / GMSK (option)
F2D /& F1D


Receiver sensitivity voice: 12dB SINAD
UHF: Better than 0.35μV or -116dBm
VHF: Better than 0.28μV OR -118dBm
Receiver sensitivity data: UHF: Better than 5.00μV or -113dBm
VHF: Better than 0.28μV OR -118dBm

Receiver sensitivity (FFSK): -113dBm <1% BER (2400 at 25kHz channel spacing)

Audio output (speaker): 1V rms @ 8 ohms
Data output: 200 - 300mV rms


Operating temperature: -30 deg C to +60 deg C
Storage temperature: -40 deg C to +85 deg C

Enclosure: IP54 rated

Customization Options  

PC programmer: Own Branding with Logoand desktop Icon
Mobile Expertise can offer a range of customization and OEM options on request

Specifications are subject to change without notice and range will vary depending on the topography and the surrounding environment. Figures above are typical and measured under normal operating conditions. As such they will not form part of any contract. Our policy is one of continuous improvement and we reserve the right to change product specifications without notice.