Research and Development

Mobile Expertise undertakes a variety of R&D projects.

  • Markets
  • Component data and selection
  • Sales channel & distribution
  • Pricing
  • Regulatory compliance and approvals
  • Sourcing and suppliers
  • Product specification and competitor research

At Mobile Expertise we meet our customers regularly through site visits, exhibitions and seminars.


Mobile Expertise invests in its own design and project management teams.

  • Hardware and Software engineers
  • Work to international standards
  • Continual improvement policy
  • Quick response to new demands and customisation
  • Work with like minded and vetted external developers
  • Broad technology reach
  • Manage demands and achieve deadlines

Skills & Services

  • Circuit design
  • CAD
  • Project Management
  • Hardware design
  • Technical Authoring
  • Specification writing
  • Design support
  • Production support
  • Customisation
  • Approvals support
  • Release for Sales
  • Product Launch

Talk to us...

  • No project too large or too small
  • Complex or simple
  • Micro-circuitry to cables
  • Component to applications